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Tight throat/tongue

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Hi everybody!

For a couple of months I had a problem with my throat and my tongue!

I'm gonna make it very simple. So my problems are following:

I find it difficult to talk and articulate sometimes. It feels heavy and my tongue gets really tight sometimes, so tight I end up "swallowing the tongue" and sound "muffly".

Also when I swallow, I sometimes feels like something's or my larynx is moving like it gets "stuck" than it "pops" and releases to its normal position.

My tongue feels so tight, that sometimes it feels like it narrows my

Throat and I need to take out my tongue and stretch it.. And I will feel better. I like release the tightness but it will soon come back!

I been to an ENT 2 months ago and he said that I have something that is like acid coming up? But would that gimme those symptoms that I have?

I am a singer and I do improve techniqually but when I wanna sing with words, I find it very hard to articulate and my throat gets tight and I end up squeezing..

I'm still in the process to sing through my passagio, and I just got a grip of it! I go to a singing teacher.

Does anyone know anything about my tongue/throat problems? Does anyone know what causes me this? It's been for soon a year. I been having this after I first time had so called laryngitis. I didn't get cured but it happened after that!

Hope to hear from ya :-)

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Hi Soulsister,

First, the acid--there are many postings are acid reflux for singers here and on the web. It's unclear you have it though.

The throat is physically supported by the chest and upper spinal column (and tongue supported by throat), so if you want to fix problems there, start at the chest.

Al Greene's book "The New Voice" has several exercises for the tongue-- these involve sticking one's finger deeply into throat. I'm still testing this, but the initial results for me have been excellent.

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