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An Angel in the Swiss Alps

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Hi everyone.

This is the first video from the concert in Switzerland. They put me in an amazing silk dress for most of the concert but also had me in a leather outfit for the "Indio Child" martial arts part you might have see in my demo video. At the last minute on the day before the concert one of the producers said I had to have wings for the final song so they took me to a huge costume rental place and found this white robe/dress. I used some ballet moves with it and it worked great as a dress and wings.

I hope you like it!

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I never truly know what to say after hearing you.....

Your voice is simply beautiful.

As someone mentioned very nice control & vibrato.

On a different note, please bring back the elf ears :P

Thank you Chavie.

The ears will have to wait. You know what they say about 'too much of a good thing'. :)

BTW: Huge arms, dude! LOL

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