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Need help finding out what technique this singer uses.

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Alright. I have been singing for a while now without a coach. So you can imagine how far I can only go. Although many people say do not mimick a singer and just be yourself in a certain sense, I feel that I need someone to look up to to motivate me. So this singer in this link:

He starts singing at 1:40. I feel like he is just singing in his head voice, but at the same time I feel like its a mixed. Does he use an "open throat" with nasal to achieve this sound? It sounds so clear without air. When I try to sing in head voice I still hear a verrrrry slight hiss of air when I record it. When I try to sing that exact line in chest voice and transition into head voice it feels too different. What technique is he using? If he transitions, when does he transition and how does he do it so flawlessly? If he does not transition how does he create a head voice like that? It seems so controlled. The reason I am so interested in his voice is because whenever he sings, I never see strain or difficulty.

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firstly, I think they are miming! That doesn't mean they didn't have to do it in the first place! Yeh, to my ears, there are some chest qualities in there. Not full on belt though. They do it seamlessly because they have probably been training their voice for years!! Key elements in my opinion to get a good mix (or i call in a full and connected head voice note) are twang, a lowered larynx and vowel modification and great support.

Think of it as a process that is constantly being tweaked. It's not something you just can do suddenly, you take small steps to being able to do it and constantly improving

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Alright. How come when I try to do low larynx I use the "mwah" then after I get that low larynx feel I try to sing that exact line but it sounds too operatic I guess? Or dark the transition is almost unoticable. Then when I try to do it bright it there's a noticeable differnece between the head and chest. Why is that? Thank you for your help so far!

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