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Specific Question... Principles Vs Style

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Hey everyone, I know everyone has principles of singing which work for them. Thus far just by practicing the TVS routines and head voice slides and a handful of semi-occludeds; my success with the bridge has increased, I no longer feel as much fear either.

Usually the fear of a note alone is enough to "crush" the sound. The reason is this... myself and many others wish to sing songs that are RIGHT at the bridge and beyond it. I will give you an example:

Do you believe that the singer sang this song "technically" correct? Imho there was no complete connection to m2 (head voice) necessary for this singer.

Ok.. now that I am learning to bridge (usually better success with eh, ouh, ih vowel) with early bridging that I have been practicing that puts me at a problem spot.

I can either belt this song like this guy OR bring the head voice down with a twangy edgy configuration.

The specific part of the song is the chorus "Down Down Down" since I am approaching from the bottom of the scale it feels easier for me to dampen the larynx which gives me a boomier sound but not the twangy bright sound I need for this song.

How should I approach this situation? Since I am using TVS I have been using darker twanged vowels. My first approach was to twang and then modify the vowel to eh as in "bet" which moderately helped.

What is the best way to twang HARD without being in "quack mode" RIGHT at the bridge? This is a case where I actually need twang so how do I do this correctly? I find singing it top-down to help but other than that am lost lol! Should I not dampen my voice at all if the sound is then "too boomy"?

- JayMC

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How about a sound file so that we can hear what you are talking about?

I know that 2 months ago, you were complaining of having a cold. I was hoping you would have recovered by now enough to record a sound file and let us hear what you are talking about.

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Every song may require a slightly different technique. You're right to say that this song doesn't require a belty/boomy sound. So don't use one. The point of building the connection to your head voice isn't so you can sing like that on every song, It's so you have the choice to sing like that if you want to.

You can get pretty good at adding just a little bit of twang to your voice, not sooo much that you sound quacky! personally, If I was doing this song I would add enough twang in my head voice to eliminate the breathy falsetto somewhat but wouldn't lower my larynx. Practice the mesa di voce TVS onset , go from falsetto slowly bringing in twang, this trains the co-ordination well in my opinion. Once you can do it really slowly, pick a point through the crescendo that suits this tone for the song and work from that.

Good luck, It's all about artistic interpretation but that's how I would sing it. I think a full on boomy head voice note would sound strange!

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jay, i just want to say this is what i refer to as the newer generation of singing. this kind of singing i am not particularly fond of with all the pitch bends and air flow.

don't make the mistake of thinking this is technically good vocals...sounds good, okay, but i'm not sure this is a voice to emulate on your way to developing a vocal instrument.

just my opinion.

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