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The truth about the ''morning voice''?

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First of all, excuse me if this isn't posted in the right part of the forum, but I didn't know where to drop it otherwise.

What exactly, is the truth about your voice in the morning? I hear people say that ''high notes shouldn't sung in the morning'' or that ''your voice is groggy in the morning'' (something I'd agree with) Personally I notice I can only reach my lowest notes in the morning - on the other hand, I sometimes manage to burst out some strong high notes in the morning too (I just recorded a clip of me hitting 2 G5's and it's 11 am here). Should you really take things easy in the morning? Will singing high notes ruin your voice for the rest of today? Does it also depend how your voice has developed already? Please help me out!

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What felipe said but add also the entire voicebox when sleeping rests down in a lowerposition. So when you wake up your larynx is below it's neutral normal posotion, takes a while for ot to get up to the normal position.

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The truth about my morning voice.

I have to get up at 4 am. I am not making any sound except that of me clearing my sinuses and hacking stuff up.

On the road to work by 5 am. I may do some stuff on the way to work, including some obscenely high notes.

On average, I don't get away from the office until around 4 pm.

So, I may be doing stuff on the way home, interrupted by business calls on the company cell phone. (I am office and operations manager where I work.)

If am still trying to sing something about 9:30 pm, I am starting to get tired and may start crashing some notes, when I should really be in bed. And actually, somewhere between 9:30 and 10, I nod off sitting up and then realize I need to go to bed so that I can get up at 4 the next morning and do it all, again.

On the weekends, I am lazy and may sleep in all the way to 6 am. Decadent, I know.

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Here's how it works for me:

I definitely notice a morning voice. And due to allergies and bad habits, I generally have to give my voice anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours to finish warming up resonance and vibrating excess phlegm out of my vocal tract.

Some days my head register is locatable in the morning, other days it doesn't even appear (esp. w/ acid reflux).

Also, depending on your normal speaking voice, you may have varying levels of resonance warmed up just from speaking after waking up. I speak in something resembling neutral w/ air most of the time with minimal twang so my twang configuration feels detuned until I warm it up and use it most days.

Also, my support is crap rolling out of bed in the morning. Pretty much nonexistent and I notice that makes a huge difference in my singing abilities.

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I don't know THE truth but thats what happens to me. When i wake up i feel very relaxed and i can hit 4 semitones below and 1 octave (whistle) above my "normal" voice. Also i have a free/natural vibrato. As time passes my range diminishes but i gain chest range and power that i didn't have.

Before: C2-C4 chest, G5 head, G6 Whistle, all clear and edgy but with little power.

After: E2-E4 chest with power and good tone, G5 head with some air and generally higher=unclear.

What i found is drinking water and doing breathing exercises after i wake up, helps me keep the edge and much of the range.

rowns i wish you courage and - if you prefer - a better job ;).

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a better job ;).

I don't think that there is a better job. And I am lucky to have this one. Otherwise, I am too old, too qualified, and way too efficient to be hired by another company to back to working in the field or running just one project. I was too successful at that, in the past, and that has a tendency to rub some people the wrong way. You may think I am being superlative and funny. I'm not.

As opposed to where I work now where efficiency, proficiency, and dedication are appreciated. It's been a unique experience to work where that is valued.

But thanks for the well wishes.

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My bad for not clarifying "better". I meant a job that allows you more personal time as i don't think that anyone should work more than 8-9 hours including transportation, unless situations force you to or you are passionate with it.

Sorry for the off topic.

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my diet is also super clean. plant whole-foods, 80% uncooked, no processed junk. the tubes in my body are clean.

Sounds good. My tubes are packed with the sins of a lifetime and the evil that men do.

Now that sounds dramatic. I need use that as a lyric .....

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