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Larynx problem (vibrato)

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What does correct vibrato feel like?

I have heard that it should be natural and that the good vibrato are the ones where singers sing a note with the vibrato coming in later.

I have a problem with understanding how it is supposed to work. One way I do vibrato is kind of initiate it by throat. For instance, if I place my larynx low enough, my singing starts with a vibrato so it feels comfortable since my larynx doesnt feel that dry strain. With this way though, much of my air is somewhat cut off between each note change.

The other way is to open the space in the roof of my mouth more and letting air escape without pushing the larynx down, but my throat constantly feels dry. im guessing my larynx is higher somehow.

How should the natural vibrato come out? By pushing larynx lower?

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Sorry for the answer but, natural vibrato comes just... naturally.

The vibrato as defined within technique, the one you hear on classical voices, is a result of the correct postures of resonance, and a well supported and efficient emission.

When you steer away from that, vibrato will naturally get smaller. Its still present, and its necessary to a natural quality on your voice, even to sing pop. Its just not that evident. It reflects very well the ammount of tensions present and is a good way to know if your production is efficient or not.

By all means, dont force it to happen when trainning. The best way to use it as an effect, is to just relax more and let it come, dont produce it on the throat or the belly or whatever.

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As I understand it, vibrato is a "wavy" movement in the vocal apparatus, and not well understood why it occurs. My guess work is that it may have something to do with reinforcing resonance waves (perhaps, muscles in wavy movement reinforces vibrations better than static muscles or out-of-frequency-motion muscles).

Anyhow, natural vibrato is suppose to occur naturally. There are fake vibratos (e.g., fast movements of the diaphragm and other methods that emulate). www.thesongbirdtree.com has a video somewhere that talks about this briefly.

What does it feel like-- well, you'll know it when you're singing it. But, if I doing it correctly, it feels like a pulsating vibrations in the vocal tract, and I'm making no deliberate effort to create the pulsations.

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