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From chest voice to mixed to head

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Yes we can help you. Often the answer is simply to stick to a good vocal program and train your voice every day for weeks and months and you should see a gradual improvement. And it's best if you can regularly see a vocal coach while you're at it. To speed things up a bit you can post a clip of yourself here singing and we could try to spot technical pros and cons in your voice. The cons can be fixed. Good luck singing and welcome to the forum.

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The videos on YouTube have gotten substantially better in the past few years, but you have to sort through all of the clutter to find the good stuff. Tony O'Hora and David Brooks both have some great instructional videos that can help you find your "head voice".

One thing that's important to understand is that the reason you are unable to go from the bottom of your range to the top of your range in "one motion" is that you're breaking into falsetto. Falsetto (while it has its uses) is not the setup you want to be in. Nor are you trying to connect your falsetto to your chest voice.

To get a well connected tone from the bottom of the range to the top of your range you have to gradually start to convert your chest voice, which is your speaking voice, into more of a crying voice. Thus many of the exercises that David and Tony talk about, will have you crying on pitch.

At the end of the day, though, Owen is right. To get really good at this stuff, lessons are the quickest and easiest way. You don't need years of them, either, a good coach can get you on track in a few sessions.

But go ahead and play around with exercises for a while and see what you can do. Once you get stuck and can't progress any further, it may be time to consult a professional.

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Ok thank you, ill check those vids out. Problem with getting a teacher is that i live in a very little place where there is no one teaching rock vocals and its in fact no males singing (im not kidding).

But i wonder, can my head/mixed voice be as powerful as my chest, and can it provide raspy rock sounds? I sing in a band, so its where im going to use my voice now.

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