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Request an Audience - Digging (Original Acoustic Song)

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Way cool. You need to be out there recording an album or two, touring, and making the ladies swoon.

Trust me, women always like melodic stuff. Most guys do, too, whether they admit it or not. I've heard groups and singers that don't sing as well as you do getting their stuff synchro licensed with those extreme skiing documentaries.

You write songs that people want to sing along with. That is absolutely golden. You know why Boston sold so many copies with so few albums? It's not because of the guitar pyrotechnics of Tom Scholz. Nor the dog-whistle range of Brad Delp. It's because the songs had a strong melody that people could sing along with, even if they were an octave below Brad.

You've got that "thing." Do it now. Trust me, 30 years from now, when your back aches and you ain't no stranger to ibuprofen, you will then have a legacy to carry you.

You're young, strong, and relatively free of obligations. So, get with it.

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