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Having some worries, please help! UK

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I've been having issues with vocal cracking for sometime now, I believe due mainly to excess mucus in my throat, as I have lots of clicking in my left ear too from catarrh plus post nasal drip, though getting to the bottom of the problem on the UK NHS is proving a nightmare.

To hopefully put my mind at rest regarding Nodes, which is something on my mind, I'd really like to get my vocal folds looked at which I assume I'd need to get done privately. I wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere (within easy reach of Bromley, Kent) South East London and also give me an idea of how much it's likely to cost.

If all is OK I'd be looking to take singing lessons from late May onwards and would welcome any recommendations for local teachers.

I've been asked to join a local band and am keen to get my issues resloved.

Many thanks for reading this

If anyone would like to check out my dodgily recorded samples on the youtube link below and offer any advice or constructive criticism that would be great.


The latest ones were recorded last week (the tatu track) some are almost three years old - all can be found in my uploads.


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Hi Majesty,

I listened to your vocal on youtube. For me (i'm not a pro) you put too much breath, and i barely hear no support in your singing, it may be the reason of your cracking. Try to siren to smooth out your passagio. work on breathing and support, voice plaecement.... Just a matter of what to practice and how to practice ;-)

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Thanks for the reply. I think you are probably right. A lot of what I try to apply tends to go out the window sometimes, especially when recording. I feel like I'm trying to work over the mucus I think.

I think lessons are required.:D as well as something to clear the mucus.

Can anyone tell by listening if I'm likely to have nodes?

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I agree, this doesn't 'sound like nodes' but you are pushing voice without enough technique & could be at risk for a variety of problems. Totally agree with plan to see a good ENT and a good teacher. [also check out my book on everyday health-tips, in the "Books/resources" area of this site or at www.tinyurl.com/cazden-book]

And BTW nodes are NOT the worst thing for a singer to get. There's this folklore that OH GOD DON'T LET ME GET NODES/ it means my career is over/ it means I need surgery/ etc.....They are the most common vocal lesion (injury), and if caught early they can not only go away with rest & retraining, but provide a kick-in-butt to get serious about technique!! NOT that I recommend them as a GOOD thing, I just think many teachers & the old-fashioned word-of-mouth among singers have scared people way too much. Allergies, reflux irritation, polyps, cysts, & various other infections can actually be much more gnarly to deal with.

take care of yourself --

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