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Mixed voice, help me w/ video

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I'm going to keep this short. From middle C on down I can sing good. From there to high C is my problem. 1: My "head voice" that I use to sing those notes doesn't have the fullness and sound it should. 2: When I try to "mix" , or add "chest" to sing these notes, my voice breaks up. I wish to sing like these guys:


but they usually sing up into the middle C to high C range and that is where I struggle. I've watched countless youtube videos trying to find out what I'm doing wrong or how to sing these notes and have it sound natural but I have not succeeded and that is why I'm posting this now. Here is a video of me trying to demonstrate what I'm talking about:


Thank you so much if you can actually help me.

BTW I was intentionally trying to keep a normal level and so it seems like I am holding back and you would be correct. I watched someone on youtube who said if you can't hit the notes at a normal level you won't be able to hit them when you project fully with your voice and so I figured I had to start at a normal level. Perhaps I am wrong.

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I felt in the same way that you... I tried so hard to reach some high notes... i'm still in the process because it is long and hard... but anyway I'm gonna give you some advice:

first when you go up to A you are using your head voice... that's something good... but try to use that register with your liprolls and adding some pharyngeal sound...and don't worry about breaking it's normal.... keep that feeling of your head voice... try to do something like a cat for example meowwwwww really relax and in your head voice... take a look how you thin your voice in your head voice the feeling is similar to what you have to feel in your mix voice.

1. don't push

2. work on your chest voice until the D adding some vocal fry... just a little in the beggining of each note.

3. look for your pharyngeal resonator or in this technique TWANG... but in your comfortable notes... let's say from G3 to D4... no more... practice a soft sound, and don't push... try to feel how the sound comes to you in a soft way and it has to be really pharyngeal.

4. try to add a little cry to your voice with the MUM MUM MUM, but that cry needs to be really pharyngeal and soft:



5. look for the edge... is soft and really pharyngeal.

6. add pharyngeal resonator to your lip rolls and low your laringe with THE MUM MUM MUM exercise. witout making effort.

ok finally I add a recordering, sorry about my english I speak spanish but i tried to speak as clear as possible.. let me know if you find this helpfull.


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To do mixed voice takes some practice and some muscle development as well as a correct concept. From what you posted, you are going too high without mixing. Go down to A, B, below middle C and to middle C. Start in falsetto and see if you can bring in some edge and go toward a complete voice with a mix of head and chest. Or start and sing the note (say the B) in falsetto and then sing it in chest. Get an idea of how to mix.

Do not raise your head as you go up. What you demonstrate is a voice getting whiter as you go up as the larynx elevates. Try using an oo vowel made with the pursed lips and even modifying towards the vowel in "book" or even towards "uh" as you go up.

Your goal needs to be going from maybe G below middle C in a five note and then a complete scale ascending and mixing a very light head voice with some chest, lightening as you go up. You're working on the thin edges of the chords, very small muscles and they take a while to develop and co-ordinate.

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I think I made some progress guys. That "crying" really helped. Having that compression in my voice allowed me to hit those higher notes without screaming for them. This is a audio of me attempting a full 4 octave range. Yeah okay, it doesn't sound great, but I am excited that I can have this range and now I just need to work on the sound and making it smooth throughout. What do you guys think? What should I practice now?

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