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Recommended products for maintaining a clear voice

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I am considering ordering some vocalzone pastilles and wondered if anyone could personally recommend any other produsct to add to my order.

Is Vocal Eze a good investment for example?

As mentioned in my other post I have problems with excess mucus/ catarrh

I have recently taken up running as this seems to help with the mucus in the short term.

Is running bad for the voice though?

Many thanks

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You also need to address the cause of the mucous. Notice what you eat... and how it affects your mucous load. Notice what you breathe... notice all circumstances that seem to exacerbate the problem. You might want to do a detox of some kind... and learn about food combining, nutrition, etc. Allergies to pollen, etc of course have a big effect.The Neti pot can help with an airborne allergy load. http://www.webmd.com/allergies/sinus-pain-pressure-9/neti-pots

Lastly, you might try using what I call 'fire water'. It's simply water plus lemon juice and ceyenne pepper, which is a healer of mucous membranes and cuts the crud. Pineapple juice diluted with water helps too. Good luck!

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Thanks Judy

I'm off to my GP again tomorrow. It has been suggested I have some form of allergy but my left ear gets very sore if I've been either running or singing so I'm wondering if it is something more than an allergy.

I will try the fire water.

Thanks again

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Running isn't bad for the voice, it just uses breath muscles in a different way. So it'll make you stronger in general, but won't substitute for specific voice training.

extra mucous can come from a variety of causes. I concur with others: see what the ENT says, AND keep diet, lifestyle, and air-environment as healthy as possible...most people I see with voice problems do best with a combination of traditional and holistic health approaches.

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These are all very good suggestions. Especially the neti pot and nasal irragation. If you want vorious different and natural ways to deal with this issue, I have many blog posts dealing with many different and effective ways to deal with it. You may find them at Superiorvocalhealth.blogspot.com. You may want to especially read my blog entitled: The importance of Nasal Irrigation for the Voice Professional." It is packed with info and there is a great book you can read by a doctor who has cured many people of sinisitus and other nasal and mucus issues. I also just put up a post this week about herbs that clear mucus from your throat, chest and lungs.

Hope that helps,

David Aaron Katz,

Superior Vocal Health


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