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Is this all twang? (Video of Train singing Hey Soul Sister)

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as a singer, not an expert, i would say head voice a little twang and spots of falsetto...i love his voice.

VIDEOHERE: Good ear. His voice is a naturally high tenor, and he sings with a moderate amount of twang on all the notes, but for a few that he lets get softer, almost falsetto, but leaves off the twang.

I agree... an enjoyable voice to listen to.

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thanks steve. i appreciate it..i keep tryiing..b.t.w.


i watched this set of bel canto vids from edward johnson

C:\Documents and Settings\videohere.VIDEOHERE-1\Desktop\The Bel Canto Technique Episode List on myseriestv_com.mht

sometimes all it takes is to read (oe see) the same concept written a little differently to understand better. i am now convinced that knowledge of bel canto can do nothing but improve my vocals. i am going t read more, can you recommend a good (readily availble text) on the subject?

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Hmm... thanks everyone for the insight so far!

Question related to that: Do you have to have a natural high tenor voice to sing that in Curbing then?

i don't believe your voice type has any relation to whether or not you can sing using these vocal modes.

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I thought that in each vocal mode, there is a range limit. That is, you can only sing within a certain range in each vocal mode (due to individual physical limitations?). I thought that maybe if an individual with a higher natural voice, would be able to sing higher in those range restrictive vocal modes. Am I on the right track?

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the only "mode" with a limit is Overdrive. For a male it would be High C. Curbing, Edge and Neutral are all more or less "limitless" although the amount of support and coordination would probably cause one to switch to a lighter/easier mode waaaay up top(thinking High E and beyond...although this would be a very individual thing I imagine.)

So all modes up to male High C are accessible( regardless of voice type)...of course assuming there are no physical problems in the VF/Larynx.

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