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some questions.. and critique my sample please.

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almost decided not to post a sample of my singing but here it is. :lol:

I know I suck that's why I hate my singing.


I really need to train :)

I'll be borrowing my friend's singing course. I think it's called ken templin program.

I'm also planning to buy the 4 pillars of singing when I get enough cash.

anyway my questions are...

let's say, I will practice either ken templin or 4 pillars regularly.. like at least 1 hour a day and 6 days a week..

what can I expect in 3 months time? what results will I see? will I sing better? what about in 6 months? or maybe a year?

and how long until I'll be able to sing at least decently?

appreciate any answers..



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Well your range is obviously ok and you can sing on pitch but what you need to work on is timing, diction and breath control. There is a lot more to it that you will pick up from any good course but those things you can actually work on yourself without any external help.

Listen to the originals/your favourites versions of songs such as "You Raise Me Up" and try to match the timing and pronunciation - not the tone or timbre as you want that to be unique to you.

What a good course will also teach you is how to listen better and I think from your recording that although you roughly know the words and tune to that song you hadn't really listened in depth to a performance on which to base yours.

Hope that helps and keep working on it - how long it takes to improve is entirely different for everyone so no point guessing that.

- Should just add that I am neither a professional vocalist nor coach but they are just my observations.

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thepianoman well, relative pitch seems to be fine, the problems are happening because its still very unstable (lack of conditioning).

Its not nice to listen to right now, working on technique it should improve a lot.

How long its impossible to say beforehand, each person is unique and will have a different reaction. What I can say is that if you forget about how long it will take and focus on the quality of what you are doing each day on each exercise, results will come.

And what I can assure you, is that time will pass no matter if you train or dont, so... train :).

GL! I also recommend that you take sessions with the instructor, THIS will make the difference on the process and can accelerate things.

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