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Both Sides Now/Head Over Heels - Joni Mitchell/Tears For Fears

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So as most nights have been going for the past 3 years, before going to bed I put aside time to work on vocal exercises (mostly through practice lessons with the Vocal Mastery series). Then I play and try to sing along with whatever instrument I am feeling that night whether that be Guitar, Piano, Uke or my 'soon to be mine' Dulcimer. I NEED to get better. Not want NEED. I've decided that if I am taking this seriously I need a vocal coach but it would next to impossible to work in getting to and from lessons and after some research ive yet to find anyone 'qualified' in my area.

Here are some covers I did tonight:

Joni Mitchell (Judy Collins) - Both Sides Now


Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels


Any advice/criticism is welcome.

Also a lot of the time I get paranoid that I'm not singing correctly or from the diaphragm right and that I might do damage. Is there anyway I can tell that i'm doing everything right?

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I am not a teacher, just someone who also sings. I believe that these songs were too close to your speaking range. We tend try to sing like we speak when something is in the same range as our speaking voice.

Occasionally when singing higher you started to get a good vibrato going.

There are a lot of videos on youtube about support.

Think back to the last last time you were frustrated about something, maybe you were late for work, stopped at a red light, the light turns green and the car in front of you does not move. You may say something like "WOULD YOU GO ALREADY, YOU $%^%##. I'M LATE!!!!!! Guess what you used support. :P Especially if you said it at speaking volume or slightly above.

That is the kind of intensity we use in singing.

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