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My question - will you improve from singing the same say 5 songs for a month the same way you would from learning 2 or 3 songs in that time period? I have always just thought that to improve, you need to learn something new, but I am in a position where it would be in my best interest to practice these songs for the next couple months, and I wonder is strictly practicing these songs (vocal workouts aside, I do two hours of excersizes etc a day) going to help me improve the same way that learning new songs in this time would?

Thanks a lot!

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Many a professional singer with a career lasting several decades did not spend those decades trying to sing every song that ever was written, nor did they try and copy the sound of every voice ever heard.

As to learning songs, the sources I have read advocate practicing the song that you plan to sing, to fit them into your voice.

Even in rock. The first time that there were plans for David Lee Roth to reunite with Van Halen (before the current discontinued tour,) David asked immediately for the projected set list. Because he knew that even if he sang these songs years before, it is best to rehearse them as they will be played now. To get his voice tuned to the song in the list, in the key that will be played live. Where he can pour on the coals, so to speak, where he can back off and conserve. Dave's point, bad boy that he is, is that you, the audience, have paid some money to hear a show of Van Halen songs. So, he better darn well be able to sing them.

So, yes, if you are to perform a particular set list, you should work on those.

Opera singers do that. If a singer is going to be playing the father role of "Don Giovanni," he will not be singing stuff from "La Traviata."

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