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Airy sounding "eh" and "ih"

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I've been concentrating a lot lately on my resonance with my vowels above, below, and through the passagio. I started with "ee" and themoved to "uh" and "ah". It's been going very well so far and has kinda been a bit of a breakthrough exercise for me. I'm still really having some problems with "ih" and "eh". I tend to get an airy and not as focused sound on them as other vowels. Are these usually troublesome for people? Do they require more strength and coordination than the others?

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No not really. Keep working on them and see what happens. It may help to start with ee and then try to change that to ih without getting airy. Then once the ih is good work on moving from ee or ih to eh without getting airy.

Ee is the easiest vowel to take the airiness out of. When in doubt, start there and morph it into the other vowels

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