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What do you guys think about my teacher?

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So, it's been about two months now, and I thought I'd post something asking about what you guys thought of my teachers methods. So I am currently taking lessons from a Classical teacher under the NATS organization, and was wondering what you thought.

So, far this is what she has focused on:

1. Breath support

2. Vowel modification, with rounded classical vowels, wider pop vowels, and some vowel formant stuff

3. Singing in Full voice, or what I think of as chest voice, on supported breath, as high as it goes, but she calls it full voice and says that it's not quite chest voice.

4. Dropping the jaw and some vowel modification (havent worked in depth yet with vowel mod) as pitch raises

5. Singing at a mf volume almost all the time, or at least not holding back.

6. Alignment of body and joints for help with breath

7. Thinking of sound as going steadily forward, not up or down.

I really like her and her technique doesn't hurt, and is certainly producing results, as I've grown about 4 notes over the time I've trained. I was just wondering if what she's doing sounds effective to you and what not. If what she is doing is technically sound and won't have me stuck singing just classical. She has talked about learning to mix full voice and head voice, but we haven't gotten there yet, so yeah. We work on whatever repertoire I want as well, just fyi to let you know she's not close minded.

Feel free to chime in, let me know what you think, etc. Thanks so muc for helping!

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No problems, classical technique does not tie you to classical singing, as long as it is applied in your repertoire.

If its producing results and you trust her, go for it. Check my recordings if you need a reference of what is possible using it.

4 months is a very short time btw.


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@JustinOthersinger I sound like a Tenor, but I have a Baritone's range. On a good day I can hit a B below male high C in Full voice.

@FelipeCarvalho I know my 2 month training period is very short, I just wanted to know what you guys thought, health wise, effectiveness, etc. Yeah, I'm happy, and it doesn't seem to be causing hindrance so yeah. Are you classically trained then?

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Sorry, mixed the 4 notes with the time period, but its all the same.

Yes, and still trainning, probably will continue to do so until well, death...

Its very effective and healthy. The thing is that applying it to pop requires a bit of "anti-technique" so to say. If you keep everything round and centered like on exercises, you will sound like a classical singer doing participations on pop music. Basicly its how you implement it on the songs you want to perform. If you want to sing rock and you are applying it only on tenor arias, you will create a huge gap on the "ammount" of postures, and the musical language itself. You will literally oversing it.

I never had any problems with that, but application was always on the songs I work with, thats crucial.

Finally its impossible to tell you if she is good or not good simply by text or even by hearing what you are doing now. It really is about your experience with her and how the results flow in the comming months.

That said, if you start to second guess the instruction, no matter if classical, super-sci-fi or "godly", find another teacher. The more important thing is that you trust the instruction you are receiving.

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it's also important to get her to explain to you why you're doing what you're doing. when I went to frisell, he told me exactly why he wanted me to begin with efforts to strengthen the head voice and make the head voice musculature take over for a certain time.

it was the best advice I ever got (for my voice).

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There are as many opinions as there are singers.

It looks like she is teaching you all the basics you need to sing, regardless of genre.

quick and easy answer, if you like the results you are getting, stay with her. And listen to her. She is the one you are paying. For example, it might be hazardous to listen to me. I have never had lessons, other than some consultation with a classical coach, who did teach me some valuable basics about breathing (does that make me a tall version of Anne Wilson? :lol: I can sing song by Heart. :lol: :lol: )

But outside of that, I am not an expert.

Also, since you are relatively new to it, give it some time. While people are saying that if you don't trust the teacher, go somewhere else, and that can be good advice, also realize that you may not have the experience yet to know whether the singing is bring quality to you, or not. Some people have the attitude that classical lessons will make you sound to "stuffy" or pretentious for pop and rock.

Well, I am a good example of someone who flirts with classical method and I do NOT sound like an opera singer.

I'd say, give it some time and see what it brings you.

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