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Your opinion on this interpretation Please ! (voice...)

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Charlene seemed to like it;

"J'adore ton timbre de voix, c'est magnifique vraiment, c'est agréable de t'écouter chanter :) Continue comme ça ;) Tu peux aller voir comment je chante sur ma chaîne YouTube si sa t'intéresse :) ( Je m'abonne :D )"

My french is a little rusty. Not using an internet translator so let me see if I translate closely.

"I love the timbre of your voice. It is really magnificent, it fits the song. Post your comments of my song on Youtube, if you are interested..."

Was that close? I learned just a little bit of french informally, here and there, not in school. In school, I studied English, my native language. German, my ancestral language (my grandfather was from Germany,) Spanish I learned on the job. And some other languages as a smattering. I had a friend who spoke 7 languages and taught some of those languages at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Anyway, I liked your version of this song. There's some nasality but I don't know if it's part of the style you were going for. It didn't seem to hurt your pitch, which was good.

And I agree with Charlene. You had good emotion for this song and a good interpretation.

Normally, one posts these kinds of threads in the review section, rather than the technique section. You might get better response in that section.

Tres bon, mon Ami.

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