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doing drum rolls with the diaphragm..lol!!

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i'm here to tell you that those real fast "ha's" exercises that you do with your diaphragm really help quite a bit...don't they?

it really helps develop your catch breath skill, so you can insert one just about anywhere, in between fast lines, words, even syllables.

anywhere you need a quick burst of support.

here's some good examples of where they really come in handy.

at the end of "waiting for a girl like you."...won't you come into my life."

in "dazed and confused." the catch breaths make this song a lot less difficult.

in "the search is over"....just a great help.

if you folks want to know the exercise, it's on roger kain's cd.

what songs do you folks use them in?

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I don't think of it as shocking the folds. It's just a quick breath and engage. So, perhaps, my agreement with your visualization is not so complete.

It's not that I am against violence, per se. Or working for it. It's just a matter of effective use of energy.

However, if you like the slam and jam, more power to you.

Let me compare singing to shooting a gun. You do not jerk the trigger, you squeeze the trigger, between breaths. And if shooting long range, like a sniper, you shoot between heartbeats, as the pulse of the heart can make a finger twitch, ever so slightly.

I find singing to be a continuum, rather than a sharp impact.

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