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I need some help!

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Hi, I am new here. I've been playing around singing since I was like 7, but always thought I sucked so I never got into it although I love how I feel and love to sing. I recently began really trying to listen to my voice and try my best to improve what I do have. I recorded 'You know I'm no good" by Amy Winehouse. I love love love singing her songs, I connect with a lot of her songs. Except, my voice is too clean to pull off any painful song. Its irritating me like crazy!!! Because I have a harder time enjoying singing pop songs, and I feel like thats what my voice sounds like.

Please critique my voice, and maybe give me advice about ANYTHING.

I go off key a lot, because well, the song is not meant to be sung perfectly...But even if you do not know the song, let me know what you think about my voice in general, what type of songs my voice may match, etc etc. ANYTHING will help!!


Feel free to laugh lol :)

Thank you!!!


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It is hard to stay on key when there is no music to sing to. I do not believe that I have listened to Amy Whinehouse but if she is known for singing off key I believe I would use a different singer to learn from.

The fact that you know that you are singing off key is a good sign. Singing scales may sound boring but it is very helpful learning to sing on key and in staying in tune. There are lots of exercises for beginners to be found on youtube. And search the the techniques threads on this forum. There is a lot of information there.

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