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David Phelps

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I have heard some people state that he is losing his ability lately (Not here but other places) I believe this is a recent video and it sounds like he actually has a little bit better agility now and a little bit less power maybe.


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I agree with these comments. He definitely does not use the same style that he used to but I think it is more out of choice than out of lack of ability. He has wondered further from his classical background into more contemporary music.


More of his older style.

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To me the first video is killer and technically even more bad ass than he was before. Just try doing that with that work with dynamics...

Did someone actually mention that as a degradation?

I have seen that from a good number of people.

I agree with how technically difficult that first song is. Those dynamics are just unreal.

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Oh well, people talk.

Its the same as bashing any other artist with a solid carreer, in the end its just people trying to show off their rethoric skills.

Everyone can like/dont like the work, I personaly dont like him that much (not something I listen to usually)... But when the talk is directed to technique and vocal health, either you back up what you are saying with actually singing and showing how its done, or its just all non-sense to look like you know what you are talking about.

Besides that, ENTs use audio-visual information collected with specialized equipment to detect degradation and problems (nasofibrolaryngoscopy), we can hear changes of course, but to hand out diagnosis, you need the doc.

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