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Career ending dilemma (please help)

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Let me just start off by saying I am new to the forum but have been reading on here for a while now.

I was singing run to the hills in its original key in (Chest voice) See that's the problem. I can hit all of the notes in chest voice but it hurts. Not my throat or anything but in my head. It feels like my forehead gets really hot and my temples start to pulsate and it causes a horrible headache. But only when i sing the higher notes. Could it be from over compressing the breath and not enough is getting to my brain or could it be something more severe.

Also the headache is so unbearable i have to stop singing but it goes away when i dont sing anymore.

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geran nailed it, go see a doctor.

I think they'd know more about this particular situation than a vocal coach. They probably know enough about the voice to come up with ideas about how the act of singing could be causing what it is doing but they'd also have additional knowledge about your symptoms.

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Do you think you are using a tension-free technique? Or do you think you are using a lot of tension and forcing the voice? How's your technique? Are you accessing headvoice or trying to push up chest voice as high as you can?

Like the others said, I would check with a doctor. The tension in the head may be a direct transference of tension in the singing. What we strive for in singing is muscle independence. That means turning off the muscles that we don't need. But often, when learning, we accidentally activate muscles that have nothing to do with actual singing especially when going high. You may be activating some tension in your head somewhere causing constriiction with blood vessels and thus a headache. It may be as simple as that.

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