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Rich high register, wimpy lower register?

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So I've been really pleased with my head voice progress, especially around the passaggio. I just did some recording this last weekend and I realized that my low notes sound downright wimpy compared to the high notes. When I get around the passagio my notes have this richness and resonance that sounds like a million bucks, and then when I get lower the notes sound thin and almost like I'm in my talking voice (if that makes sense.)

There are two possible things going on here:

1. Technique: what are some techniques to liven up the lower register and make it sound richer and fuller? It gets sort of difficult to really push the notes down there...

2. Physiology: is this just how it goes? Even if there is a physical reason why this happens I still need to figure out how to address this, because there are obviously vocalists out there that sound good singing high and low (I am a tenor btw.)

Thanks in advance. :D

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If you are talking stuff around the 3rd octave in general, then absolutely technique, not physiology.

For the real extreme lower end of your range, that's when the physiology starts to limit you a bit.

But in comfortable chest voice range, if you want it to sound better it's very possible to train more power and/or better tone in that area. Quite easy actually. Just gotta do it. IMO you're not gonna find out what techniques you need to improve your chest voice anywhere else other than in a private vocal lesson. It's just too individual, you're trying to make your singing sound less talk-like and that requires someone knowing how you talk and what your singing needs to be doing differently.

Also just spend more time in that area. Do your vocal exercises down there too and work on songs with lower tessitura.

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