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Sore Throat for 1 Month+ (Pain on Left Side, Vocal Cord Strain)

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Hi guys, a few of the posts on here really opened up my eyes to what my problem might involve, but I figured I should really just make my own and see if anyone can help.

Here are the facts:

-5 Weeks ago, I sang too many high notes over and over while recording when my voice was already sore from recording a couple days before that. (I'll be happy to get proper training once my body is rid of this disaster, I had no idea how fragile my vocal cords were until now)

-My throat started to hurt, but it didn't go away this time, so I knew something was different.

-I completely stopped singing, I have to talk a decent amount at work, but after work I pretty much stop talking entirely, and don't go out or anything. I avoid friends, and make signs to my family. Sometimes it hurts a little to talk, and sometimes it doesn't. I just want to heal.

-I visited an ENT who said she didn't notice any prenodules or anything like that, but just that my vocal cords were red, and said I had strained them. She prescribed nasal spray for allergies/sinuses I guess, and a steroid pill to advance healing which I haven't tried yet (I plan on taking it this weekend in conjunction with a week off work and complete vocal rest)

Recently, I've been waking up with not just the sore throat, but like an "icky" throat feeling, if anyone knows what I mean. Feels like gunk, or bacteria somewhere down there like when you're sick and you rush to drink water. My throat has started burning now on the left side, so it feels like the problem is only getting worse. It even hurts that spot when I inhale deeply. (Feels like cold air) I noticed a few posts about referred pain, and I suffer from horrible neck/back pain, constantly crack my neck to try and relieve it when I wake up. My spine is probably horribly misaligned and I need to visit chiropractor. Another weird thing, I can actually feel like little bumps or nodes when I rub the left side of my throat / larynx area. They feel like the knots when I rub the area on the area between my shoulder blades and spine. (Referred pain sounded interesting from other posts on here) This reminds me of yet another strange thing, in the past few months sometimes (rarely) I would experience this crazy pain when I yawned and stretched out my chin down too far, it would like tense back up and hurt like hell, and then the pain goes away after a minute.

Things I've tried: - Humidifier, Started gargling warm salt water today, herbal tea, vitamin c/herbal lozenges (no menthol) to relieve daily pain (they are mixed berry ricola), breathing deeply in the shower, light humming

Things I want to try: Seeing a voice specialist/ ENT, throat massage thingy, chiropractor

Any suggestions or information would be HUGELY appreciated. This is a nightmare.

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So, just to be clear - you are under a doctor's care who has examined you far more thoroughly than any of us can through your words. This doctor gave you a regimen to follow and medicine to take. And still, you won't do it, preferring to seek advice from armchair amateurs, instead?

For the love of God and the endurance of your voice, will you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE listen to your doctor? And, just in case you don't understand anatomy as much as you might like to think you do, you cannot feel nodes on your vocal folds by rubbing your throat from the outside. Just not gonna happen, 'ight?

Sorry to be so blunt but Jesus Christ, pay attention to your doctor. And give the voice a rest if you care anything about having a voice the rest of your life. A month or so now of silence and learning how you really should make sound is worth far more than whatever singing you are missing. Let me guess, you are young and impatient.

To quote the guy from "It's a Wonderful Life," "Ahhh, youth is wasted on the wrong people."

Seriously, dude, pay attention to your doctor. You can even look up our local expert in vocal health, Joanna Cazden and she is probably going to tell you the same thing. Shut up and take your meds.

I take some license in talking to you this way because I injured myself twice. Fortunately, not permanently. You will be surprised how much easier it is to walk when you quit stepping on your own feet, so to speak.

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