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WOW !!! How did I possibly miss your post ??? EACH and EVERY DAY I review every post and for the life of me, I can't imagine how I missed your comments ???

You are very well aware of my past profession(s), but your invitation to me to become such an integral part of TMV World and this wonderful endeavor ranks NUMBER 1 !!! As you know, I asked you a number of times, "Why ME ? " It took quite awhile for you to answer that particular question, and when you finally did, I was simply at a loss for words.... As you know, I tend to talk quite a lot, but I must let you know publicly that my involvement with TMV World has been an honor like no other !!! But first and foremost, I couldn't ask for a closer FRIEND !!!

As you know, I have often told you that you have become like a BROTHER to me !!! I am truly BLESSED !!!

I cannot THANK YOU enough for your Friendship and ALL that you have done for me !!! I also truly Thank you for all the compliments in this particular post.... It was one of those "jaw dropping moments" !!! :D

Yes, TMV World is approaching five years, but as you mentioned, we have known each other for much longer - six years !!!

I've been debating for quite sometime now discussing yet another issue, but after reading your post, I made my decision TODAY. Once again, I find myself with yet more "issues" regarding my spinal problems which may involve yet another surgery. In fact, I had an occasion to speak with one of the members about my current condition. During that conversation, I expressed my concerns that given the circumstances, that you MAY wish for me to "cut back" somewhat with my involvement here. But rest assured that I simply cannot do so ! In a few words, TMV World has become a part of my daily life, and without my involvement, I would be "lost" !!! Such is my dedication to you, the "site", and all of the members..... You're "stuck with me" my Friend !!!

Yes, I guess I DO tend to talk quite a bit, but I felt it important and necessary to share my true feelings and let you know about my current "condition" and my intentions of doing my very best to keep TMV World NUMBER 1, and continue to assist the membership to the best of my abilities !!!

I cannot Thank YOU enough, Robert ---- "Coach"

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Props to Robert, Adolph, Aaron, Videohere. (past and present players)

There is no other singer forum like this that I know of with the features, traffic, lattitude and longitude.

And thanks to all for making it happen.

Thank you, Ron for your kind words and compliments ! It's also a distinct pleasure to talk with you from time to time :cool:

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Cheers! and Props to Robert and the whole Gang for having the Vision and the guts for allowing and inviting singers and teachers from all schools and methods.

It can get a little tricky at times but it is helping us and the craft grow.

Thank you, MDEW for your compliments and kind words :cool:

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That is correct, here is the rest of the team:

Thank You:

Bob "videohere"


Travis North who does our vocal product reviews.


The guys that have done our interviews.


Web designers ... and our development partners...

all the companies that have contributed products, microphones, effects pedals, mic stands, etc... for four years to give you guys a chance to win some free , kick butt vocal gear!


And all you guys.. the active members of this forum that keep it boiling!!


"TEAMWORK" at it's finest !!!

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