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Building support strength/coordination

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As I am using the NG to navigate the passaggio, for the first time I'm doing constriction free phonations - I'm noticing it's taking me huge amounts of support efforts to sustain notes that aren't that high or loud.

F.ex. currently a D4# or E4 can be sustained for max 8 seconds probably, and I feel myself working very very much with my core, the support is moving but I "run out" of support after 8 seconds here (CVT way of describing support).

My theory is that I've never actually had to fully support notes before so the coordination for supporting properly is very weak, so my body expells tons of effort because the movement is very inefficient.

I also feel that my current range limit is primarily due to the inability to hold back the air enough; the folds start to blow apart at the top.

With this said what are the main ways to improve weak support? I'm thinking sustaining these difficult (for me) notes, for as long as possible every day, I've experienced that sirening up to a note, then back down, then back up all on the same breath continuously seems to work the support system pretty good too.

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wait a minute.....you can't be doing those "ng" exercises correctly.

it sounds like you are pushing way too much or aren't situated in the pocket. "ng" should seal you up nice without having to push anything.

send over a sample.

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Here is a ng d4 first sustained then released into an ah.

It has taken me like a month and a half to get to this point even, at first I couldn't even NG up to a C4, but now I can sustain the C4 for 14 seconds approx, I seem to like, loose a second for every semitone higher I get, and my support feels very inefficient, like perhaps only 20% of applied energy gets converted into support.

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okay, possibly, i hear two things

are you leaning more towards an "m" rather than an "n"."

is your mouth comfortably opened or are you humming? it's not a humming exercise. it's a resonance and breath tension positioning exercise which helps to keep you from forcing.

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You are right I was leaning to M, proper NG put 2,5 seconds onto my D4 (9,5 to 11).

Mouth is slightly opened.

I think this is a multifactorial issue, unsteady breath (sometimes causes small cracks), new/foreign coordinations (tons of focus) and inefficient/untrained support (wasted effort).

Edit: I think this is a good theory, I just accidentaly got up to a F4# (aiming for E4) and held it for approx 2 seconds. The G4 is the top note currently and can only be held for less then a second (I don't really try). The E4 7 seconds, I'm currently mainly practising notes D4-E4 with a little F4 and F4# when I'm really warmed up.

It looks like for every note it gets harder to support until the G4 where I can't really support anymore.

Also percieved support levels go down the more warmed up I am, you know with this said it sounds like I just need more overall coordination (i.e. more practise)

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hey sun practice some ah as in cat around the A3 area. The problem is closure and strength in the cords lacking the ability to hold back the air. So don't do anything there like compress this or add that just work on good solid chest voice on ah and on ee vowel. so when you get to the passagio you will keep a nice closure without adding a bunch of bullshit. I know it sounds like its easy but it works and it takes time. youll find it

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