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Warmup for cord closure

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Hello! Sometimes my cord closure is ok (not very good though), but usually it's really lacking, and that varies daily a lot. Sometimes even high and low notes feel quite easy, and sometimes I don't have a proper cord closure even on my comfort zone. Are there some warm ups that I could use to improve my cord closure, when having a connected tone feels difficult?

I've used scales with syllables starting with 'b' to improve my cord closure. Are there any other excercises that could help? Also, what's a good amount of practice? I have 2-3 cord closure excercises in my daily set of excercises. Does having many cord closure excercises tire vocal cords? And would it be better to do some excercises multiple times a day?

I hope this made any sense, but long story short: How to improve my cord closure in the short term (e.g. before I'm going to perform) and in the long term?

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