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Ooops - sore throat now dodgy voice

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Hi everyone, I know I'm to blame for this but does anyone have any tips

I had a really bad sore throat last week and I knew I needed to rest it but I had 3 choirs, 4 toddler music groups and 2 kids singing groups to take. Oh and 2 toddlers of my own to "speak assertively" to!! I tried really hard not to over do it but ...

Anyway, now the throat is still a little sore but not too bad. I'm trying to rest it but I have another set of classes tomorrow. Skipping them is not an option, they are not well established yet. However apart from gargling with asprin and drinking hot blackcurrant, any tips??


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Helen -

I've worked with moms & teachers who just have so much responsibility for others, its hard to take proper care of oneself & voice. So for now, ditch the self-blame & just do what you can to keep the throat healthy. STEAM is my favorite remedy -- long shower or bath, vaporizer next to your bed, etc.

Also - take a little time before classes to stretch & energize whole body, get the blood & breath moving.

-when in doubt, pitch voice UP rather than pushing loudness at low end; higher brighter speaking voice carries better over group noise

-and you should be using a whistle, bell, harmonica, or etc. to get the kids attention so you don't use up vocal power just for "crowd control."

Massaging your throat would probably help too, hard to describe but I can show you in a short Skype session, write me directly if you want to set this up (I'm in pacific time).


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  • Administrator

Hi, rest is the best thing for you... add to that, drink lots of warm fluids... I reccommend Vishudda Singers Tea, they are a client of TMV.


And Alkalol is also a new client of TMV, they are offering an interesting nasal flush and mouth rinse product. I have some and its quite soothing.


Hope this helps...

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Thank you both, I have tried resting and warm drinks but I think I will invest in a little bell or something!!

I will look into the remedies you've suggested too.

Thanks for your help


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I'm just back from a seminar with PhD voice researcher Kittie Verdolini (U. Pittsburgh) who reminded us that being HEARD is not the same as being UNDERSTOOD. One can get by at lower intensity voice if articulation is precise -- not over-exaggerated, just clean & clear. This was specifically discussed as a strategy for teachers.

Also, google "the voice academy" which is a nice website established for classroom teachers, by speech therapy grad students at U. Iowa. There may be some more tips & tricks there for you.

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