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Training in the military?

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All right guys I'm enlisting into the military service in about a day. :) I'm thinking what exercises can I do while serving my nation? I don't really have a consistent nice tone yet, so I'm ruling out openly singing in the toilet for now.

I'm thinking of these three things:

1. Humming

2. Light singing

3. The contract and release onset, minus the "release".

I've been taking lessons from Rob and we're working on strengthening the musculature, so I want to be able to at least do a bit of singing and not lose anything.

Any tips?

PS: I can practise on weekends, it's the weekdays that matter. I don't want to completely not sing during the weekdays.


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Have you asked Rob about it? I think your ideas are great.

I'd add...maaaaaaybe...I really hesitate to recommend this because while it makes perfect sense, it probably did more harm than good for me personally back when I was following SLS...but consider working on achieving good adduction inside really quiet light mass phonations.

If you are going to do the above, make sure on the weekends you practice full volume, to balance it out. If you only ever work on compression at a low volume, it will be very hard to make the adjustment to full volume. Be conscious that you'll have to reduce the squeeze and blow more air in order to get more volume without cracking, if you are too accustomed to applying lots of compression at a soft volume.

Honestly, IMO it's not really possible to truly build vocal strength at a low volume, if volume is the big concern here, that's the sense I'm getting from your post. I'd suggest training other things that you need work on that can actually be effectively trained at a low volume, such as early bridging and laryngeal vibrato. And save the muscle building mainly for the weekends.

Also, Ron's suggestion is great.

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To Ron: I'm actually not a citizen of the US... My nation's military service is compulsory and we don't get to choose which unit we get deployed too.

To Owen: Nope, I actually didn't consult Rob on this. I thought that I would come here for a wider variety of opinions and partly because Rob always seem so busy!

I will test out what you've suggested, my musculature is still pretty weak so yea I could benefit from more twang practices.

On a side note, one thing I'm concerned about is that I don't consistently have a good tone. I know I'm singing "nicely" when I'm "directing" my voice up to the soft palate and I can hear the proper resonance. I'm worried if I don't practice this enough I will "lose" my good tone moments. Any idea what can I do softly/ loudly to ensure consistency of tone?


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I don't know all the nations that require compulsory service but I know Greece does or did.

True story about my friend, Robert, who had joined the US Air Force in 1978. He wanted to be a radio tech and was in the electronics school. However, a diesel mechanic had finished his enlistment and was being released. So, "poof" Robert was all of a sudden in diesel mechanic school and then deployed to a support base in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Air Force. aim high (but accept what you get.)

Army, be all that you can be (as long as what it's what we want you to be."

N.A.V.Y (never again volunteer yourself.)

Marines - We're looking for a few good men (but, you'll do.)

I have fun with slogans but really, I am patriotic. One of my greatest regrets is that I could not serve. I was 4-F (medical disqualification.) Later, when I really wanted to enlist, I was too old. I am really good with firearms. I wanted to enlist after 9-11-01. Just give me a .308 with a scope on it and point to which cave bin Laden was in and I would take care of the rest. But, they have age limits on enlistment.

Anyway, I digress. Good luck, pj, in whatever you do. And in my book, it is an honorable thing to serve your country, whether you agree with the politics at the time, or not.

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