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The Curbing Vowels

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Hi everyone, I'm still going over the TVS again but also curbing is very "similar." I have faith in the "Uh" vowel it is great but Curbing also has 2 other vowel choice options.

Here are 2 sets of curbing examples its basically a heavily supported vowel with "no air" added. But I am confused as to what the vowel pronunciations are in english because curbing is "super twanged" its sometimes difficult to understand what vowel is modifying to what.

Male example:




That's curbing lol could someone tell me what vowels those are in English and how I can attain that type of sound easier?

- JayMC

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From what I hear:




What it may be is:

IH as in SIT

O as in WOMAN

UH as in HUNG

Good vowel I was given for curbing was, OO lips but EE vowel. Sounds rather French.

I naturally add a sort of "hold/cry" when I sing. I went back to some CVT clips I have on my PC. I guess I just need to get used to the vowels really.

Don't over do the hold, it shouldn't be a hold, like a direct clench in the throat. It's just a cry, it feels like a hold but there isn't one.

Just cry the hell out of it and hold the breath, that is also key for compression.

Men and women use Curbing through all the various parts of the voice. The sound colour can be altered quite a lot. All vowels can be used. However, in the high part of the voice, the vowels have to be directed towards ‘O’ (as in ‘woman’), ‘UH’ (as in ‘hungry’), and ‘I’ (as in ‘sit’) to stay in the mode. The volume in Curbing stays more or less in medium compared to the other modes, ranging from medium quiet (mp) to medium loud (mf). It is not possible to sing very quietly and very loudly in this mode (see ‘Curbing’ on page 96).
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