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What makes this singer's voice so special?

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Hi. This is singer is my favorite and most famous in my region, but I want to hear your opinion, what makes his voice so special?

Here are some of his performances from an unplugged concert:

(this one is awesome!)

Thanks for any opinions!

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a lot of times you make the singer something special. the singer touches on something in your inner mind (often unbeknownst to you) and you connect.....you develop an affinity with that singer.

it might be looks, the tone, the way they phrase a song, the emotions conveyed (like ron said) a lot of things.....

it doesn't have to be the voice or even that they have a great voice.

to another person he's just a another good singer......

but when a singer provokes that kind of connection to a large population you have the makings of a star.

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