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Quack/Release Onset

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I have been working with my quack and release onset because I have problems eliminating the breathy sound and keeping my cords addicted.

In the sample below, I have a few questions:

- first of all, does it sound like I am keeping my cords closed on the higher notes?

- I am not feeling any of the sensations of head voice (buzzing in the mask), so could this still be my chest voice?

- I know the passagio area was very light and not very connected, so I'm assuming more support is necessary?

Thanks everyone!


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I didn't hear breathy sound, at all. But I did hear a flip or switch in the tone. Approach that area lighter. And start out lighter. Often, it is said to bridge early. Well, start out bridging.

Do not, I repeat, do not sing like you speak.

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Well done, I think this is the beginning of good bridging. You were keeping them closed imo except for the little bump over the passagio. Do it slower, the slower the better. No, it's definitely not your chest voice. Keep practising this, slowly and gradually add the mass over the passagio.

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Thank you both for your encouragement! I've worked very hard just to get to this point - even though it is still a long way from anywhere close to singing.

Ron - it sounds simple to say "do not sing like you speak". I know what you mean, I think, but can you elaborate? Do you mean with the same breath quality, same tonal quality. etc??

Thanks a million for the help!

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