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Easiest Vowels To Sing Quietly

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Hi everyone, what are the easiest vowels to sing quietly? I find when I sing too quietly I just fall apart and become inefficient and more imbalanced.

What vowels should one start of practising quietly?

- JayMC

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jay, don't perceive singing quietly....the term "quietly" is misleading.....you cannot sing quietly........you sing lightly connected.....big difference.

"oo" and "ee" are excellent to practice particularly with head voice slides in descending legato.

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Like this:

the dude just sits there. Singing quietly. High Bs. Grrr.....

I have to yell that stuff.


billy, per his voice, and voice weight (his speaking voice is light too) he may not be singing as quietly as we think. i used to think a singer was singing so light but they weren't per their voice.

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