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Chorus on original legit?

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I've got a high part in the chorus of a song I'm demoing, and am limited on effects (about to look into the software route which is new for me). Wondering if anyone can tell me if the chorus parts around the 1:20 mark, etc, are a little too high-ish? Or would some proper sweetening make this legit as written?


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at the 1:27 point when you go up.. it's not too high. Though I'm not an recording engineer so I can't help you from that point. Though if you're looking to 'warm up'/'Sweeten' the sound...... a simple trick that might work... it involves laughing...

If you have a naturally resonant laugh (that's the key)... a good guffaw that's really free... then notice where the center of resonance is in your hard palate (roof of your mouth)... as you travel higher.. try to maintain that resonance space (above the hard palate).. as that's a reflection of how many cavities your engaging... The more the better... :)

You'll have your warmth...Don't worry about power.. the higher the voice goes the more efficient the use of air)... focus on the feeling in the cavities.

Good luck!

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