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Need your help for an important project

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Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a project to draw attention within the medical community to the specific needs of rock singers.

I need your help in collecting data about vocal health for a survey I'm working on with Duke University Voice Care Center and my institution - Shenandoah University. The link is below and I am posting more info below the link. The survey is completely anonymous. The responses will be presented at the Voice Foundation Annual Symposium Care of the Professional Voice in Philadelphia May 29-Jun2. I hope that the data collected will help us as a profession identify ways in which we can better serve the rock singing community. Thanks for your time - Matt Edwards, Assistant Professor of Voice (Pop/Rock Styles) Shenandoah University.


Dr. Seth Cohen at The Duke Voice Care Center is conducting a study concerning vocal health awareness in various populations. Our goal is to improve patient care, as well as provide education to those who may be at risk for a voice problem. Your answers will help us understand the diverse needs of voice users. We plan to survey 200 subjects of varying singing voice backgrounds.

This is a survey which should take about 10 minutes of your time. There are no right or wrong answers and your honesty is appreciated. If you agree to participate, please complete the survey provided and click submit when you have finished. Please do not put your name or other identifying information on the survey. All information will remain confidential. Your information will be kept on a password-protected computer. The data will only be accessible by study staff. Your participation is voluntary. There are no risks involved in participating. You may choose not to participate or, if you agree to participate, you may stop at any time.

If you have any questions about this study, you may contact Dr. Seth Cohen at 919-681-9778.

Your decision to not participate or to withdraw from the study will not involve any penalty or loss of benefits to which you are entitled and will not affect your access to health care at Duke.

Please complete the survey below.

Thank you!

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