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Help identifying my range? :(

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Hi, I'm 18 and I haven't had a singing lesson since my voice dropped :o I'm kind of casually trying singing again on my own in my house but I know literally nothing and it's hard researching random stationary things and I'd like to get feedback! UM, I think I'm a baritone and I'd :rolleyes: really appreciate it if someone could help! Here's me singing from the lowest note I can reach comfortably (C3) up to whatever I reach when I record! :lol: (haven't recorded it as I write this.)


I know I'm not very good and some of these notes I don't think I'd be able to hit if they were actually in a song :o

also I sang it while sitting up on my bed using an online piano! I didn't attempt :( going any higher than D5 because my voice was kind of starting to hurt. oh and I can go down to A2 if I'm going down the scale but I can't hit it :( right off the bat and I thought it'd just be easier if I started at C3! Also will it be possible for me to be able to :( hit higher notes and how long will it take for my voice to be able to reach the notes I sang but in an actual song? :(

is it normal being able to hit notes on a piano but not comfortably when you're singing? :(

Ummm I'm sorry for asking too many questions...:lol: Um so yeah! Please find in your hearts to help me <3...(too many smilies)

OH and P.S I read that there are different kinds of baritones basses and tenors etc, like dramatic baritone and (insert Italian sounding name here) Tenor. Is it possible to identify what I am from that stupid vocaroo?! :O

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