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Memorable Shows

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We have Bob's memorable moments in video.

What about shows you have actually been to see? I wanted to post this because last night, my wife and I got to see a show. A really good one.

A little history. At the company I work for, there are two owners. I am the company manager and report only to them. (It's a small company but we do quite a bit of business, specializing in electrical work for swimming pools, spas, outdoor living environments. And trust me, swimming pool electrical is a world all to itself, with its own section in the electrical codebook (currently, Article 680, NEC 2011.))

One of the bosses, he has houses all over the place and made a big donation to KERA, public radio in our area. And received and gave to me, tickets to see the Fab Four at the Majestik Theater in Dallas, Texas. Our tickets included backstage pass and a chance to meet the band, which we did. So, I ot a picture of my wife standing with the band. And what about the boss? He and his wife are driving to Maine, to spend the summer at his house up there. (They split time between here, Maine, and Bolivia, SA, where she is from.) (Why are they driving? Every summer, he visits presidential memorials, on the way there and on the way back. He could easily take flight up there, or fly, himself. He is also a licensed commercial pilot.)

And the seats are P1, seats 17 and 18. P stands for pit. So for those of you who have never been there, that is the very first row, stage right. Seriously, if I sit forward in my seat, I can lay my hand on the edge of the stage. The theater is set up like an opera house, with balcony seating, stadium seating in the main part, and pit seating, two rows.

These guys are phenomenal. It is like seeing the Beatles. (My wife and I are both fans of the Beatles.) They even do well with the liverpudlian accent.

And these guys really do play the instruments and sing.I couldn't see any way they were faking. If so, they fooled a musician like me. When Paul does a solo with "Yesterday," stage right, literally right in front of us (I could have stood up and reached forward and touched his boot, if I wanted to) I could hear one string was slightly out of tune. I mean, ever so slightly, but I could hear it.

Ringo was beating the crap out of the skins. The platform his drum kit was on was bouncing and vibrating.

With costume changes and some patter, the show ran 2 hours. And I sang almost the entire set, along with them. You ever see videos where someone in the audience is singing every line to every song? That's me.

At the end of the show, Ringo came over and handed a drum stick to a girl and her father seated next to us. And they threw out probably a dozen picks. My wife got one and gave it to that girl. (What about me? That's right, I've got half a dozen of my own picks in the drawer under the desk. :) )

We live way north, 2 towns away from the Red River, so the drive home is about an hour. And I had a Beatles earworm (song gets stuck in your head.) It finally ebbed away, only to be replaced this morning by another one, "I want to hold your hand."

Paul took a short vid or panoramic with his phone for their Facebook page. And they are going to be in Austin, tonight. For those of you in the area of Austin, Texas, chances are, you can still get tickets at the door, probably in the seats farther away.

I took plenty of pictures. I just need to get a micro SD card for my phone so I can transport them to my computer and share them.

It was an excellent show, hosted by Ed Sullivan. You should see it, if you get the chance.

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After the 15 second mark, very end of stage right, you get a brief glimpse of a giant on the first row with what looks like a gray and black print silk shirt. That's me. The shirt is actually two scenes, one on the front and one on the back, from "Easy Rider."

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