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Please critique my singing technique and style.

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I really love singing. The thing is, i really dont have confidence to feel that im good because only a few people acknowledge it. Even my family dont encourage me to pursue it because it really is my dream.

Here a recording of me singing against all odds.


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You definitely have the potential. You have good phrasing and pitch and your tone is already pretty good. Many wanna be singers don't have all these ingredients to start with so you are a step ahead of many singers. I see no reason for you not to pursue your dream.

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It's going to be tough without a supportive family. But anyone can learn to sing. It will be especially possible for you since I can hear that you have a lot of natural talent. Your file sounds better than many of the intermediate singers on this forum!

I would recommend you start performing right away, and get some support that way. If it's not going to come from your family, it will still come from an audience.

If you told your family it is just a hobby would they be more supportive? There's a large scale, and partially true, belief that you can't make a living playing music. If you try to convince them you can become a professional singer they may discourage you from trying, before you even start. But if you start just by first appearing to do it for fun, they may be more supportive in a way that will help you transition into doing it as a professional in the long run.

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And a number of famous musicians have a "day" job.

David Lee Roth has been a deejay and he is also a certified New York City paramedic. So, if you are in NYC and in an accident and the medic says "I'll reach down - between my legs - and ease the seat back" (hey it could happen ...)

Bruce Dickinson is a licensed commercial airline pilot.

Rikki Rockett, the drummer from Poison, owns and operates a company making drums to custom order.

Bobby Blotzer, the drummer from Ratt, owns a chain of carpet cleaning franchises and had a recording studio in Houston, Texas, for a while.

Sammy Hagar owns a restaurant in Cabo St. Lucas.

Nancy Wilson also scored soundtracks for her husband, director Cameron Crowe.

Michael Sweet, from Stryper, still works at the family cranberry farm, when not on tour.

Brian Johnson owns race cars and competes in races.

Geoff Tate owns and operates a winery (Insania wines.)

How about belief in yourself?

The singer from Georgia Satellites was still mowing lawns when the band started to take off.

David Byrne was an insurance underwriter before the Talking Heads could get a recording contract.

David Lee Roth was so broke at one time, before moving to California and meeting Eddie, he lived at his uncle's ranch, cleaning the horse stalls for room and meals.

Aerosmith played in restaurants, occupying a small corner and were rejected by every major label at least once, more than once, in a few cases.

And success rises and falls.

Thanks to "grunge," Twisted Sister found album sales tanking and tours grinding to a halt under debt load. Dee went from being on top of the world to posting fliers on poles for his wife's home-based tailoring business. But fortunes can turn around and you have to believe in yourself.

Singers like Mark Wahlberg turned to acting, later in life, when their "music" star waned. Some go back and forth, as it suits them, like Rick Springfield.

My point, Shakra, is believe in yourself, even when no one else does.

But you are in the right place, here. Because we believe in you.

Even as you may decide to take lessons and improve, get out there and sing anywhere people will let you. Even if it is just in the corner of restaurant. It worked for Aerosmith because their attitude was "no retreat, no surrender."

Take that one and glue it into your heart. The only person holding you back is you, when you believe naysayers.

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