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The All-American Rejects - Swing Swing (Full Cover)

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Wow I'm surprised. Last time I heard a file from you, a few months ago I think (I hadn't listened to your recent covers but I know this tune), it wasn't nearly as good...did you cheat and give yourself 50 tries on the high notes? :lol: Or just improve a lot as a singer? Well anyways the finished product sounds and looks very good.

My only critique would be, watch your pitch underneath the autotune. I understand this song calls for autotune but if you want it to sound very professional sounding, your pitch has to perfect and stable underneath the processing. Yours wavered a bit. Some parts where you can hear it:

First 8 lines: it's okay here, it just sounds like you're mixing up the melody, but I have a feeling you weren't doing it on purpose and you're letting the autotune take control.

Then you can hear it again on the capitalized words, this time I can tell it's not intentional:

DID you think THAT I would cry on the PHONE

Do you know what it feels LIKE being alone

It continues through the song in various spots, but from listening carefully to those words on that part alone you can probably hear what I mean.

Definitely work on your pitch accuracy before you throw the autotune on. You should be in control of what pitch every single note in that melody is, and nail it precisely on every one. Then when you throw the autotune on you'll sound like a pro, not an amateur with autotune. Now I don't know if the average person can tell. But I, as a musician can, and I think lots of studio engineers, singers, musicians, etc. be able to tell. You need to please them too if you want to be successful in this business.

Did you record this all yourself? Great job on the arrangement, production, recording, video, etc. You are very talented and work hard. For that reason, if you've decided to share this on social media, expect to gain popularity among your friends for this video. The ladies too. :cool:

I would recommend rerecording just the vocal with more focus on pitch and checking afterwards for any wavery spots and redoing them, but no biggie if it's too late. It's perfectly acceptable for what you're doing at this point in your development. You're not a pro yet so you can get away with the little imperfections I pointed out.

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