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Can any (decent) vocal coach teach you the basics?

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Hello all,

Sorry if something similar has already been posted, I am new to both singing and forums!

I am an experienced guitarist with 9+ years experience. Recently I have been fed up with just playing guitar and have decided I want to learn how to sing. After struggling for several weeks I have just about managed to sing (poorly) and play (basic) guitar at the same time. I have now decided that it is time I seek some professional guidance as far as singing is concerned to help me along my way. I am aware there is an endless world of online resources as well as tuition courses available BUT to be honest I have always preferred being taught by someone physically in the same room as myself....

1. Can any (decent) vocal coach teach you the basics of singing and help you on your way OR does that heavily depend on how you would want to sound/what style you want to sing in?

Basically the only vocal coach within a reasonable distance of my house is a professional opera singer but claims to have taught many people in more "popular genres".......

Any help would be much appreciated!

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If you a super beginner, any teacher might do.

Down the road I've been seriously hindered by lousy / improper vocal teachers/coaches though.

If you want to sing rock / pop, make sure they know that and aren't too classical.

Another extremely important thing is to know your goals and clearly state them to the teacher.

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