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Singing at your day job

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Granted, my job as operations manager for an electrical company has a stress load that you simply cannot imagine and I will not soak up bandwidth trying to explain it (Murphy, of "Murphy's Law," was an optimist!).

Anyway, so the company has two owners and I work with one more often than the other. He (the one I am usually working with) is about 2 years younger than I am. And is a music fiend. He's the one with the 64 G ipod, and it is playing constantly, all day.Everythng from Dixie Chicks to Saliva.

So, today, if you had been in our offices, you would have heard a three-sided duet of "Major Tom" by David Bowie. So, we have moments of intense focus punctuated by outbursts of singing, seasoned by recitation of lyrics with dead-pan delivery, ala comedian Steve Allen (Steve Allen once did that with the lyrics of "She Loves You" by the Beatles.)

And yes, one day, we really did have a rousing rendition of "Click, Click, Boom."

Who does my boss sound like? Actually, Bon Scott, with a fuller low end. No singing lessons, doesn't care, just has fun, and perfect pitch.

I know Bob gets to sing, sometimes, in his video store, especially after it has closed and he can do his exercises while closing registers, cleaning up, putting out new stock, and the 99 million other things that come with operating a business. (I am not exaggerating. Operating a business is the hardest thing one will ever do, straight up.)

Anyway, anyone else get to sing at work or their other "work environments" during the day?

When I worked in the field, usually commercial projects, me and friend, John, would duet Queensryche songs, often while perched atop ladders and making wire junctions in boxes above the ceiling level. (you had to be there.) And sometimes, a capella.

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i exercise throughout the day and i'm not as regimented as i used to be.

lately i've been more into breath tension aiming and exploring resonance and tonal variations. i'll do an exercise really slow and just adjust as i go.

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Dude you have to do a thread on "BREATH TENSION AIMING" what technique is that? Where did you learn this and how does one begin to breathe tension aim?:o:P:rolleyes:

Thank you Dan. That's been bugging me for a while. :lol:

IMO it's a very inaccurate way to describe what is actually going on.

It's actually just vocal tract shaping. It has very little to do with how you're breathing. You support in an appropriate manner, than shape the vocal tract to "aim" the RESONANCE where you want to.

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Well, I used to work 5 days a week singing on stage. At the moment though, I work full time at a course center. I work in the kitchen, and if there's no people in the dining area I do actually sing quite a lot while working :) I don't practice as much technique nowadays as I used to, now it's mainly singing songs. And I meet with my band about once a week for band practice.

Fun thread, by the way! :D

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I used to work in a processing plant. My job was fixing the equipment that cut the corn off of the cob. Very loud you could yell and still not be heard by the guy standing next to you. People thought I was Crazy, a little touched, and a bit to happy because I was constantly singing and whistling.

The only thing I miss about that job is being able to sing while I work.

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you folks can joke about it all you want...i'll just quote from frisell's book.

35 years of teaching?.....it works for me.

It is imperative that the singer develops the ability to apply varying amounts of breath tension to the muscles of the singing instrument.

Anthony Frisell; Adolph Caso (2010-04-22). THE TENOR VOICE (Kindle Locations 726-727). Branden Books. Kindle Edition.

Admittedly, in order for the breathing system to grow progressively stronger the “breathing muscles” must be developed to their fullest.

Anthony Frisell; Adolph Caso (2010-04-22). THE TENOR VOICE (Kindle Locations 699-700). Branden Books. Kindle Edition.

During various training phases, the correct amount of breath pressure for tone production varies with the relative state of the muscles of the register being developed, and the area of the range being exercised. Each of these individual factors requires different amounts of breath pressure to produce the same note. Incidentally, a "light, lyric voice" may produce a certain pitch with minimal effort, while a "heavy, dramatic" voice may require twice the amount of breath pressure energy to produce the same note.

Anthony Frisell; Adolph Caso (2010-04-22). THE TENOR VOICE (Kindle Locations 1296-1300). Branden Books. Kindle Edition.

To improve the breathing technique, the singer must strengthen the muscles of the vocal registers so that they can assist the vocal cords to tolerate increased amounts of breath tension. The more the registers accept these increased amounts of breath pressure, the stronger the singer's breathing system grows and becomes more efficient.

Anthony Frisell; Adolph Caso (2010-04-22). THE TENOR VOICE (Kindle Locations 1351-1353). Branden Books. Kindle Edition.

In order for the singer to properly develop the muscles of the singing instrument, it is necessary for those muscles to be stressed. This is done by performing a series of exercises which progressively increase the amount of breath pressure tension being applied to them, until the desired developmental results is achieved. The process is not unlike progressive weight training. The tools that permit the application of this desired stress to the vocal muscles are: 1. Complete knowledge of what the breath tension of the motor force actual is, and how it should be applied. 2. Variations of amount breath tension, applied to a selected tone (s). 3. The application of the five classic Italian singing vowels, as pronounced by a native Italians.

Anthony Frisell; Adolph Caso (2010-04-22). THE TENOR VOICE (Kindle Locations 614-622). Branden Books. Kindle Edition.

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There are plenty of teachers older than myself and some other teachers. That doesnt make what they teach law Seth has been teaching for 40 years nate lamm joel ewing ron anderson just to name a couple it doesnt matter how old you are .. Some day i will have been teaching for 40 years but im just not that old yet and my word will not be law. Science and understanding the voice has come a long way since frisell started. Lets start leading by example we all have the tech in our computers to record the voice to answer the questions.. Felipe robert, myself,rach have all done this. i think it is important to show the action not just say the words like books do... It becomes a confusing language battle. i'm here to help guys anytime...

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dan, it's working for me....that's all i can say......i'm very happy with my gains. i send varying degrees of breath tension to specific resonating cavities.

maybe i just clicked with frisell ........

i have learned to vary breath tension and reduce the negative application of chest voice.

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I go back to the statement that I made long ago. Whatever it was that got you passed a certain obstacle is what

you are likely to latch on to. Whether it be a certain author or breath management or resonant tracking or musculature manipulation or just singing and let the chips fall where they may. And some people will totally disregard something if they do not believe it will apply to their situation.

It seems that in singing many things influence other things. Working on resonance also helps connection which also helps support.......

There are many roads to Rome.

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I would like to start to incorporate some different vocal stuff into my lectures. The guy who taught one course before me used to do ventriloquism and singalongs, which is a bit odd, but he was very popular. I've heard his singalongs and I'm better ;-) but can't bring myself to do it.

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I used to bug a workmate of mine with my version of Ray Charles' "You are So Beautiful."

My version -

I am so beautiful to me

Can't you see?

I'm everything I hoped for.

I'm everything I need.

I am so beautiful to me.

You are so ugly to me.

Can't you see?

You're everything I run from.

You're everthing I flee.

You are so ugly to me.

So, one day, he asked if I could sing something else.

Sure -

I am so beautiful, in my own way ...

I would say, you just had to be there but maybe you wouldn't want to be.


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