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morning Warm ups -New memeber

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YO! im new here and i was wondering how loud you needed to be when doing morning vocal warm ups especially the chest voice?

im usually quieter in my chest to get the airy-ness out of it even though im usually a baritone and im suppose too to be loud there

-i tend not to give it to much love because i feel if you come at the voice from your head down your voice becomes lighter:D

-so i thought since im a baritone and want to sing high C's all day. To warm up my baritone voice to a light chesty voice and then go at exercises that are head voice down to chest

i guess the main point here would be= BRIDGING EARLY

i dont fully warm the chest voice up because it would be to overwhelming? so it stays fairly quiet

and i do this ratio thing like uild my chest voice up to 30% almost 40 and then start doing head down to chest exercises untill my head is 20 to 30% -

-there I do the falsetto slides to chest and

-vocal frys on a scales and slides

-ohs whoos and goo gees and ugh eh ees are my favorite

and ten i go back to chest bridging it back

and i repeat the process untill im ready to sing to get

i dont know if im doing the bridging thing early completely down

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