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thinking about where the breathe hits the mouth

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hello guys, been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to join.

ive been learning to sing for several months, pretty much just practicing and reading, so im still very much a beginner.

so i may off on this, but when i focus on pulling up the breathe and hitting the roof off my mouth, i notice my voice has more ring to it and it sounds better. and i know your supposed to drink in the breathe and maybe its just another way of doing that? also i notice it sounds a little better than when i usually sing when i focus on hitting the breathe hitting the back of the throat.

so my question for you more advanced singers, is where you should think about the breathe in regards to the mouth, or should i not focus on the breathe in that detail?

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I am not a professional singer, not an expert, and I would not call myself advanced. I feel the resonance or tickle or your words about air, just behind the soft palate, sometimes the juncture of the soft and hard palates. I think of that resonance as a ball. I keep my "eye on the ball." And let everything else adjust to that.

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bigmike092, that is very similar to how I feel when I sing correctly. For me the feeling of drinking the sound is related more to support, to make sure your lower core is controlling the release of air so that the larynx becomes more free. Tied together with this is the feeling of "directing" the flow of air towards the roof of the mouth to create the "ring" which makes for a nice and relaxed tone.

This is at least my sensations :)

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