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How many of you clean your sinuses?

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Nope. I've never really had sinusitis problems except the occasional cold or something.

But if you look up Jaime Vendera on youtube he's a vocal teacher that if I remember correctly does clean his sinuses and recommends ways to do it. Look for his videos on vocal health and he probably talks about it somewhere in there.

I also recall Brett Manning and Ken Tamplin, two other teachers, talking about it in youtube videos.

Most videos about vocal health on youtube are probably going to bring up the topic.

Some people have to do it, others like me don't. And it's like any kind of medicine; depending on the individual it may or may not help the same way it helps other individuals. So ultimately you have to find and do what works for you.

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I do it with physiological solution, 0,9%, if I feel its necessary.

To me it is great to prevent sinusitis crises, and to improve my overal health condition, sometimes it gets very dry around here and I have all kinds of "itis" to deal with.

In fact I think that using a few drops on my nose during the day to keep it moist is much more important to me than doing the irrigation.

Ive read a lot of ENTs treating it as a personal hygiene matter instead of a treatment, dont know if its the case or not, but to me its very important, sinusitis is literally a pain to deal with if you have to sing and in my personal experience, its helpfull...

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