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How Long to Make Progress and How to Do It?

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Hello Everyone,

Please excuse this if this isn't the right place for it. I am new to singing (been taking lessons for a month) and I was wondering generally how long does it take to become a "good" singer. I know good has different meanings for everyone, but good enough that its pleasant to listen to. I also realize that it depends on where you start from and a million other things, but generally what do people see?

Also how long should I be practicing singing a day to make good progress? I don't believe the voice is like other instruments where serious players practice 4-6 hours a day. Is one hour a day enough? Also what are some things that I should do everyday? Currently I warm up using AApproach.com's Advanced Vocal Warm up and then I sing songs that I have for my lesson. Any other exercises or things I should be doing? I also sing a lot in the car to songs, really trying to sing properly and on pitch. Does that help at all? Also R&B is what I would ultimately like to sing.


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It depends on so many variables. To put it simply getting good (by your definition) takes months getting great takes years. If you aren't operating at least at that pace something probably needs to change about how you're going about your training.

Just practice as much as your lifestyle allows. Squeeze it in as much as you can. But at the very least be sure to sing or vocalize every day because unlike external musical instruments with singing you have to maintain your instrument if that makes sense. If you skip days you start to get rusty, in my experience. As for how much practice is too much, pretty simple, if everything starts to sound more airy since you're getting fatigued or hoarse, stop and rest and resume when your voice is back to normal.

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