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Full voice or Head voice?

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Things have been going good guys first and foremost. Been singing a lot in the low headvoice sound most of you said I should try. The squeeze is slowly going.

Recently been listening to Sam Smith. He has some killer high notes he can just float out.

The thing I want to know is are these notes full voice teetering on head voice or reinforced head voice?

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I could call it "goosenfrabe" voice. I don't recall encountering the term "reinforced headvoice."

Otherwise, I agree with Jens. Good voice. Do what you can do with that sound. Be happy with it, record an album, make a million dollars.

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from what i hear he uses a lot of cry (curbing?) and really knows to ride and connect the vowels.

there's a lot of skill at almost completely eliminating any interuptions (consonants) to the breath flow.....

he also has developed the lower head tones in his voice to be able to bring them down and let them overtake the chest area notes at any level he desires.

this development of the lower head tones (not just the upper) is a key to the kind of singing you want to do.

he reminds of me of this singer...remember this guy? great voice!

david glasper

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