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My covers, your opinion needed (Problems with high pitch singing ?!)

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Hey guys, I started singing as a hobby back in 2011 and made some progress since then though I never had lessons.

But now it seems a little bit like im stuck...

I'm still having some problems with intonation as well as singing high pitch but I'm not able to get rid of it.

So I wonder if maybe someone here is able to give me some hints and tips, or is even able to tell by listening, what I'm doin' wrong.

Here are some covers I did - In order from low pitch (which I'm actually pretty good in) to high pitch.

I guess you will be able to hear when it starts gettin' tricky for my voice.

- Rammstein - Du Hast

- Johnny Cash - Hurt

- System of a Down - Spiders

- Red Hot Chili Peppers - Slow Cheetah

- 3 Doors Down - Here without you

Thank you !

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I don't get it. What problems do you think you have with the higher notes?

Are you just looking for applause?

I like the way you did these songs. Do you sound like the original singers? No, but who cares? I don't, but then I am an odd guy.

The hurt cover, you used Cash's range but your melody line was more like Reznor.

Bravo for covering "Du Hast." No one has done that in the 3 years I have been in this forum. I like the song and I like how you did it.

For those who do not understand German;


You have

You have me

Anyway, so what problem do you think you have?

If you want applause, fine, bravo.

Now, go out, release some albums and be a superstar.

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Sorry I'll try to make it clearer

My problem's the higher parts in the songs "Spiders" and "Here without you"

Compared to the original singers who sound realy relaxed in this part I feel more like I'm shouting than singing.

But without doin' this I'm not able to reach the higher parts with my voice.

So I was wondering if this is just a question of technique - if it is I could go and check out the "Vocal Technique Forum" (I found it to late)

or if it is a general difficulty because of my low voice...

Thanks for response.

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Hummm.. Although I believe you are far from ready to be a 'superstar' and I don't suggest cutting any albums just yet , until you are -- you should record some tracks for iTUNES, and sell them to Ron.. make some beer money ;-)


You are not tone deaf, so that's good.. which means, you can only get better (and you hit it on the head), it IS simply your TECHNIQUE that is the problem here... Not your ability to sing.

you are singing in the back of the throat - sound very muffled... You need to bring the sound more forward (this is also true for your lower range) - drop the tongue and keep a yawning sensation in the back of your throat, and bring in more mask (vibration in your nose, face more)... NOT nasally, but 'brighter'..

Your support is lacking on the higher notes - you need to push down on the diaphragm when you are going higher - ONLY breathing from the stomach (shoulders shouldn't raise)... Always keep a steady 'push' on it at all times, and increase it when you go higher...

Also watch those consonants.. you are slamming them... iM HeRe WitHouT you BaBy.....

Should be... Im, hErE wIthOut yOu bAby (you can do some vowel modifications if you like to avoid the "Eee" sound and keep it to an open " EH "... but yeah.. you get the point..

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Thanks a lot

That's what I call a helpful analysis :D

For the breathing I can say that I'm usually doin' it in the right way but I will take a closer look on the steady push !

I found some videos with exercises to get more relaxed and bring the sound forward.

And I guess I should work on those things before and then try to bring in the 'mask' !?

Btw. I wasn't aware of the consonant thing ! I will try to keep it in mind.

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I guess I could not hear what Onacor was hearing. The recordings sounded well produced. At least at the time I was listening to them.

I have learned some things about recording and I can make my lowest notes, which are very low volume, sound good in a recording.

Anyway, Onacor gives good advice, so listen to him, instead of me.

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