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Quick Vocal Warm Up

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@ Phil. I hear what you are saying. Ideally if there is more time that's better, without of course over exerting yourself. But sometimes, 10 minutes is all you have....

anyway here is part 2 of our vocal warmup : http://en.audiofanzine.com/getting-started/editorial/articles/going-further-with-vocal-warm-up.html

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Ronnie James Dio, as per Ron Keel, fellow singer and friend and touring partner, didn't believe in warming up a lot. "There's only so much mileage in the voice in one day."

The one thing that I think should be remembered is that it is NOT how long you warm-up or how many scales you do, it is how you do them that counts.

So, use the method of Enrico Caruso. Intense focus on what you are doing in practice. Doesn't matter if it's just a breathing exercise. Or even a scale in the easy part of your range. Focus.

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