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What singing techique is he doing and how to do it?

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yes, this is a yodel...the important thing to note here is the launch.

the word "my" with its consonant "m" ads some compression and provides the singer with a nice "launching pad" out of m1 to m2 for a more dramatic effect.

(well, first time i'm using the "new terms." lol!!!)

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OK. Sing up a scale until your voice "breaks", and let it be airy above the break. This mode is something that most singers try to eliminate, in the spirit of a clean, clear, powerful head voice.

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in my experience people find it easier to find falsetto than a full connected head voice, but yes, perhaps a bit presumptuous

I don't see how saying that finding falsetto is easier than finding full head voice is presumptuous.

Our own admin, Bob, said that "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness was not a challenging song to do and I know that song has plenty o' falsetto. And Bob knows what he is talking about.

So, would it be presumptuous to say that song is not challenging as maybe doing it all in full head voice?

I don't know the answer. I am a simple caveman singer, thawed out of an ice glacier by your scientists .....


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