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My first experience as an electronic rock singer :)

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Dude this is great! My only comment, is sometimes your accent comes through/I can tell you're not a native English speaker, so I'd work on that a little more. Other than that it was nice bro:cool:

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Good stuff, Tovarish.

You managed to make what I was raised to call "post-industrial" sound melodic.

As for the Klaus thing, I have been saying a few times a year how much you sound like Klaus. I think you even finally broke down and did a Scorpions cover. And sound less like him, ironically.

And he is not a high tenor,at least, in my opinion. Brad Delp from Boston, now, he was a high tenor (may he rest in peace.) And your low notes ain't all that low, but they are full, which is cool. Plus, you have never, ever shared a recording that was not professional quality, which means you know quite a bit about recording and editing.

Is that real enough and "rude" enough for you?


If not, that's okay, I win some, I lose some.


edited to add:

Now, I am tempted to search through your gargantuan thread to see if you ever covered "Silent Lucidity" or "Hurt" see if you ever did a truly "baritone" type of song.

Edited to add, again:

I just searched. You have not done a cover of either of those two songs.

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Awesome original tune man....genre wise this is hard to place

id say it is almost industrial meets electronic lol

really liked it

I do sometimes hear the Klaus thing others hear though..... vocals fachs dont really matter sometimes

Richie kotzen sounds like chris cornell for the most part and ones a tenor and the other baritone..

Take it as a compliment though....klaus is a monster in his own right.

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